4 Tips on Choosing and Using Olive Oil

The secret behind Hiç’s top quality extra virgin olive oil is that we allow our olive trees to grow in their natural environments; providing you with all-natural best quality products. No additives, chemicals, nor preservatives.

Before buying or using any type of olive oil, we would like to share with you 4 tips to keep in mind.


1- Choose Extra Virgin:

Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the healthiest type of olive oil. Unlike regular olive oil which is a blend of processed and cold-pressed olives; extra-virgin olive oil is made only from pure cold-pressed olives.

2- Keep Away From Light:

It is best to buy tinted bottled olive oil since the tint helps filter out the damaging ultraviolet rays. Be sure to store in a dark place; away from the stove and other heat producers to avoid the oil from turning rancid more quickly.

3- Know The Shelf Life:

Many people think that extra virgin olive oil has unlimited shelf life which is in fact, not true. Once opened, it is recommended to use it up within 30-60 days. If unopened, as long as it is in a dark, cool place, the olive oil’s shelf life should be around 18-24 months.

4- Taste The Difference:

Buy various types of olive oils and try them out. You will notice the difference in flavor between low-quality and high-quality olive oil and better yet, you will start appreciating that freshness of the slightly bitter and fruity taste!

Note: There are two different types of extra virgin olive oil; multicultivar and monocultivar. Multicultivars are created from a variety of olives while monocultivars come from a single variety.

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