The Hiç Olive Forest

The Hiç Olive Forest

At Hi
ç, we are driven by our mission  to deliver naturally nurtured and pure products to those who value simplicity. It all starts at the organic Hiç Olive Forest in Urla, Turkey.

Hiç olive oil forest, beautiful, organic, green trees, blue water

What Makes the Hiç Olive Forest Unique?

    1. It is the largest, organic and edible forest on the Aegean coast 
    2. All products are wild grown in their natural flora 
    3. This spectacular olive forest attracts Aegean sea wind from two sides, bearing a more fruitful flavor
    4. The Hiç Olive Forest has 60,000 olive trees and 30 different herbs and plants
Grove vs Forest

Most often, olive trees are grown in groves. Groves are meticulously manicured rows of olive trees and fertilized for optimum growth. At the Hiç Olive Forest, we leave the trees in our Turkish olive forest to grow in their organic environment. Their only gardeners are the wild trees, herbs, animals, bees and even the winds of the Aegean Sea. This is why we call it a forest, rather than an olive grove.  

Hiç is Dedicated to Sustainable Agriculture

For decades, other food production companies produced the bulk of their food through industrial agriculture—a system dominated by large farms growing the same crops year after year, using enormous amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that damage soils, water, air, and climate. This system is not built to last, because it squanders and degrades the resources that it depends on. 

At the Hiç we are dedicated to sustainable agriculture in a multitude of ways including but not limited to:

  1. Hiç cultivates the lands’ natural flora with sunlight and rainwater to capture the unique characteristics from the Urla landscape. 
  2. Hiç Olive Forest uses only self-sustainable farming systems including: Solar panels,Recycled rainwater, and Green manure



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