Meet the Hiç Team

Duygu Elakdar Hic Urla

Duygu Elakdar - Founder of Hiç

Captivated by Urla’s history with olive oil and the natural flora along the Aegean coast, Duygu has become an agricultural activist. Since she moved to Urla in 2012, she has devoted herself to the craft of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Using these skills, she delivers unique, high quality extra virgin olive oil and local Aegean specialty food products in their purest state.  

Nancy DePiano hic olive oil store

Nancy DePiano - Partner,  Head of U.S. Operations 

A marketing executive from New York City, Nancy met Duygu in Urla, Turkey when she moved to Turkey with her husband. She was instantly taken by the Hiç brand, the wild-grown products and the organic Hiç Olive Forest. Nancy spearheaded the import of Hiç products into the U.S. launching the brand into the American market. Today Nancy runs operations, sales and marketing for Hiç North America. 

Zeyad Khedr- Social Media and Digital Marketing 

Zeyad is a University of South Florida graduate, originally from Cairo, Egypt. He has found his passion in digital marketing while in college, which led him to become a part of the Hiç team. At Hiç he manages the brand’s social media and marketing campaigns.

 Josiah Turbak - Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Josiah is a graduate of Marist College in poughkeepsie, NY majoring in Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis in E-commerce. Prior to joining Hiç he helped grow brands such as Kámen Road and Haven Boutique. At Hiç he oversees digital marketing and ecommerce management.

Linda Theriault - Retail Sales Consultant

Linda has over 20 years of experience in specialty food sales. She is an integral part of Hiç's retail distribution operation. She has expanded our reach throughout the Northeast and beyond.

Mathew Theriault - Distribution Manager & Jr. Sales Associate

Matt was the first employee of Hiç North America and has continued to grow with the company by taking on multiple roles. Matt is responsible for shipping and distribution as well as inventory management. He is also actively engaged in local sales. 



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