Sharing the Story of Hiç - a Brand Inspired by Nature - on Earth Day 2020

Urla has been home to different cultures over the centuries and each one has contributed to unique food specialties.

The ancient Ionian city, Klazomenai – which is known today as Urla, produced olive oil for the first time in the 6th century BC with modern methods. From Urla, olive oil and wine were transported by boat throughout the entire Mediterranean Basin.





In a town where natural resources are so lively, diverse and close to us, it was necessary to rethink its contribution to the kitchen and our cuisine.

So Taha and Duygu Elakdar settled in Urla in 2011 with the objective of producing the best olive oil in the region. 

They were both unaware of the adventure that would soon unfold.

Duygu Elakdar, now a certified olive oil sommelier, received 5 years of training in Italy in order to produce a quality olive oil worthy of Urla's long-established olive heritage.

In the beginning, the goal was to grow olives to garner the best product. But as time passed, they began to realize that the natural flora of the forest provided the olives all the natural nurturing they needed.

It was then they understood it would be a great injustice to alter nature by cultivating the olives like common groves and knew it was essential to practice sustainable agriculture.

Hic olive forest olive oil

The Hiç “Edible Olive Forest” is the foundation of this holistic approach.

At Hiç we embrace the cycle of nature, leaving it to its own rhythm without trying to cultivate it – but continue to harvest it every season.

Today, Urla has a superior brand of olive oil exported to the world again – Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hic extra virgin olive oil

Is not just about olive oil anymore.

Nature effortlessly grows an array of fruit, flowers, herbs and plants throughout the Hiç “Edible Olive Forest”.

Harvesting the forest throughout the year has expanded the Hiç product line and provides the new Hiç Restaurant and Tasting Workshop in Urla with its unique and diverse seasonal menus. 

Hiç is a brand inspired by nature and driven by the philosophy of less is more.


Annual Harvests at the Hiç Olive Forest

Edible Aegean Herbs: February - April

Wild Lavender: April  

Immortelle / Helichrysum italicum: June

Olives: September – November

Wild Pear: October – January

Wild Mountain Strawberry: November – February

wild levender


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