Urla, Turkey - The History of Olive Oil

 The History of Urla & The Journey of Hiç

Urla, Turkey Has Olive Oil History Dating Back to 600BC

Urla, Turkey has a special historical connection to olives and olive oil production. Did you you know....

  • Urla, Izmir Turkey is home to the ruins of the ancient Ionian city, Klazomenai - the olive oil city of the 6th century.
  • The oldest attested olive oil production facilities were recently discovered in Klazomenai/Urla.
  • Evidence of the first olive oil exports, trading and olive storage from 3000-2000 BC were found in Urla. 

    The Urla Peninsula: A Rich History

    Olive oil is a household product and a staple-piece of Aegean & Mediterranean cultures. Anyone who has tasted an olive prematurely knows the bitterness of the fruit. So how did people think to make such a rich, flavorful product from something unsavory? Historical periodicals say the answer is in the local olives from the Urla Peninsula.

    The fruit of the Erkence olive or the Hurma olive, as it is widely known.

    The olives from the Erkence olive tree ripen while they are still on the branches. Off shore winds carry a fungus vital to the life and the ripening process of the olive fruit. This causes the olive to change color from black to yellowish-brown. With the change in color, the fruit wrinkles to resemble a dark date. This process is so naturally perfect that a person can pluck the fruit and eat it right off the branches.

     Olive Oil Production in Urla, Past to Present

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