It all started when...

Two women, tired of city life and demanding careers, found themselves living on the rural Aegean coast of Turkey in Urla. 

Duygu, the founder of Hiç and Turkey native, lived in Paris for eight years working in the fashion industry. Nancy, an American Marketing Executive from New York City, escaped the rat race to the beautiful coastal town of Urla with her husband. 

The two met in 2015 and discovered a shared love for olive oil and a passion for clean living. Today, they are working together to make their dream come true: to become a trusted household brand for those who value simplicity by producing the best extra virgin olive oil and specialty food products made from pure and natural resources.  

Our Founder

The Agricultural Activist  

Captivated by Urla’s history with olive oil and the natural flora along the Aegean coast, Duygu has become an agricultural activist. Since she moved to Urla in 2012, she has devoted herself to the craft of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Using these skills, she delivers unique, high quality extra virgin olive oil and local Aegean specialty food products in their purest state.  

With hard work and a driving passion for the fruits of Urla, the entire Hiç team strives to make one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world today. 

Additionally, Hiç aims to elevate the Turkish profile in the global marketplace as a top producer of organic rich olive oils.