First Cold Pressed - RESERVE - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Forest Grown 500ml LIMITED EDITION BOTTLE


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Hiç (hich) RESERVE is a cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil that features the first olives harvested each season with the lowest acidity level of less than 0.5%. 

Hiç RESERVE delivers a grassy aroma with artichoke and fresh almond notes, with a balanced pungent and bitter finish. It’s excellent on everything – soups, salads, seafood, meats or just dipping with bread. It's also the perfect gift for food enthusiasts!


Forest Grown Collection is the portfolio of Hiç (hich) products grown exclusively in the  Hiç Olive Forest. The Hiç Olive Forest is a completely organic environment off the Aegean Coast. Here, the land maintains its natural flora where eco-friendly, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture are practiced. As a result, Hiç captures unique characteristics from the Urla landscape.

  • 500ml bottle with retractable, non-drop Guala spout
  • Early harvest, hand-picked and cold pressed
  • Less than 0.5% acidity
  • Harvested exclusively from one source - the Hiç Olive Forest in  Urla, Turkey
  • Organically grown in wild olive forest with trees, herbs, animals & bees - Forest Grown Collection
  • Monocultivar; Ayvalık = purity, quality


We are passionate about our craft – including the specially designed handmade Hiç bottle.

Each of our Hiç bottles are handmade, one by one, in an effort to extend and preserve the care we put into the pressing of our olives. We also believe that carrying a legacy of thousands of years of culture should be honored with a unique gesture and have done so by creating a one-of-a-kind design.

Inside the dark and thick glass bottle, your Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil will stay ever-fresh and bring you a breath of Urla each time you open it.

 *Half price items are on sale due to excess inventory, short best by date or discontinued packaging. 

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